How to Drink More Water!

I’m like a camel and can drink cold plain water all day everyday. That wasn’t the case years ago-it took Crystal Light Packets, or whatever else we could find at the store to get the extra water in. However, that was also when I drank sodas regularly and weighed much more than I do now. That was when I was addicted to SUGARS!

How did I quit sugar and start drinking plain water?

Well, it was a process. NOT an overnight success at all. However, when you figure out that something is ruling your life (aka: I was a sugar addict) and you decide you want to be FREE from the chains of that thing, you figure out how to get it out of your life!

Enter, 21 Day Fix and the “Water Bar” options.

Here are some examples of water-drinksRefresh Your WATER! and what you can enjoy when you do the 21 Day Fix!

START with your choice of
Flat  OR Sparkling Water…

Add in: ANY combination from the list below to flavor your water…

  • Lemon wedges (squeeze and throw away)
  • Lime wedges (squeeze and throw away)
  • Orange slices (squeeze and throw away)
  • Strawberry slices
  • Kiwi Slices (peel first)
  • Cucumber slices
  • Frozen grapes
  • Watermelon cubes
  • SPLASH (NOT a cup ;-) ) of fruit juice: cranberry , orange , grapefruit, etc.

Top if off with something fresh…

  • Mint leaves
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Grated ginger

And, of course, your choice of ICE!

  • Crushed
  • Cubed
  • Special cubes with berries or mint leaves frozen into them

If you are interested in trying 21 Day Fix, or participating on one of our TEAM: Square One Challenge Groups, get in touch with me here on Facebook. You can also follow me there for more tips, recipes, and healthy encouragement!

Fight For Us Challenge

Stale. Boring. Monotonous.

Marriage can become that way so easily, but that’s NOT how God designed relationships.

Mason and I had an amazing start to our marriage with nearly a year of in-depth premarital counseling and an incredibly supportive community. And then we started living life. ;-) No, really. We went through some devastating experiences in ministry, moved several times (overseas and back), and in the midst of that God has given us two beautiful daughters.

Here’s the reality though: we are exhausted and realized that we have really been in survival mode. It’s time to battle and #FightForUs so that we can see breakthrough in our relationship.

Fight For Us Challenge

We designed these goals for ourselves, but then thought, why not SHARE them with you so that you can benefit from this as well.

Take the “Fight for Us” Challenge!

Here’s what we are doing to “Fight for Us” during this #LOVEmonth.

  • Pray together everyday.
  • Have sex everyday. (WHAT?! yep, make it a goal. and don’t blame us for any end of the year babies) ;-)
  • Do 1 #FightforUsChallenge “action” everyday. (We will post the actions along with some ideas/suggestions daily.)

We would love for you and your spouse to join us, because who couldn’t use a little extra push to “Love the One You’re With”. <–that was my idea for what to name this challenge haha! I obviously didn’t win. :)

If you are joining in, be sure to use #FightForUsChallenge so that we can see how February is going for you too! We are expecting God to do powerful things as we take these small daily steps to love each other well.

Make sure you are “following” us on Facebook so that you catch all the posts…the first action is coming in a bit!


Stuff Maddy Does: Valumtimes Edition

IMG_1659Maddy was watching some video clips on my Kindle and watched a video of herself opening a Valentine’s card from Grandpa & Grams. She got excited after it was finished and said, “Momma, it’s gonna be valumtimes day soon!”

Me: “You’re right! It’s about 2 weeks away!”

Maddy: “You’we wight!”

Me: “Ooh, we should make Daddy a Valentine’s Day Card! Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Maddy: “We should make one wif Wapunzel on it, cause dat’s his favwite pwincess.”

Me: “Do you have a picture of Rapunzel we could use?”

Maddy: “Not a paper, but I have one on my underwear!”

NEW Goal: Drink more LIVING Water!

The past two months have been such a struggle for me to consistently drink enough water. I remember telling everyone in my December Accountability Group to NOT follow my example. Haha! This was an area I was doing well with for a while, and then I’m not sure what happened, but I have just hit a wall in keeping up with the necessary water intake.

This is a HUGE issue for me…

  • my digestive system suffers
  • I get headaches
  • Morgan is frustrated (because her milk doesn’t flow as quickly) ;-)
  • my energy wanes
  • I can’t think clearly

These are all “warning signs” for me to check my water intake. So here’s the crazy  not-so crazy thing. God has reminded me again about the correlation between my physical and spiritual health. See, I have felt all of those things above spiritually as well. Today I made a simple NEW GOAL for the day which was to get and stay hydrated.


I simply grabbed one of my big cups, filled it with water, and sat down for my time to connect with the Lord. It wasn’t long before I thought about the reality that as I am filling my body with good clean water, I also need to fill my spirit with LIVING water constantly. Time for another NEW Goal: Drink more LIVING water.

new goal drink LIVING water

Check back for some of my tips on how I am incorporating more “connection” time with God in my daily routine. I’m not perfect, but I’m determined to figure it out! You can also follow me on Facebook for more encouragement and to be the FIRST to know about my upcoming accountability group openings!

Support Baby Morgan #babychallenger

Between what has been given via Give-Send-Go and other gifts given directly to our family, we are at nearly 50% and it’s only Day 2!

The final portion of Matthew chapter 6 (verses 25-34) has been of particular encouragement for me in the last week. I have been in and out of 

more doctors offices in the last 2 weeks than we have seen since our first pregnancy (in Korea we had a LOT of check ups and tests). Doctors aren’t exactly cheap, but when you have a sick child, you do whatever you have to to help them.

When we sensed the urgency from the ENT to have Morgan seen in the ER I was frazzled to to know how to proceed (what to take with me, what to expect once we got there) but also had a peace that The Lord was leading us to exactly where we needed to be and we would be taken care of in every way.  

My peace was confirmed when we were ushered into a world-class pediatric emergency department with the highest quality of care. Where nurse were reminding me of my needs, not just waiting for me to seek them out or for something to become urgent. Morgan was cared for, and as we began to grasp the scope of what was to come-being admitted, spending a few days in the hospital, etc-my heart was at ease. As we had prayed for guidance God was granting just that. Even further, while I could be racked with concern for the impending cost, I felt confident that if this was the best place for Morgan’s care, HE would provide for our financial need in the same way he provided for her medical needs to be seen by this staff of physicians, nurses, technicians, and more. 

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NLT‬‬

This promise has whispered truth to me as I have had this strange confidence, call it faith, that the $2500 needed to leave the hospital would be provided at the exact moment we need it. I can attribute my confidence to the hundreds of people in prayer for us. While I have faith, this kind of blind, “foolish” trust is not necessarily characteristic for me. We are nearing the point of being discharged, and I’m eager to see The Lord meet this need. 

Would you pray with us for God to provide? Leave a comment if you are committing to pray with us for this need to be met. Your prayer support will help us see healing and mountains moved!

Would you consider being used by God to meet this need? Go here to find out more, and most importantly pray as God works. 

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement during this time!

How do I do it AGAIN.

I can’t get enough TRUTH in my life these days. Can you? I need to be reminded that my GOD will do it again and again and again. The victory HE won in my life yesterday, He is prepared to help me claim again today. It’s up to me to actually lean into His Spirit and live in the grace I have already received.

How are you expecting the Lord to do it again today?


I struggle daily with negativity, intrusive thoughts, and depression/discouragement. When I found this track I was immediately encouraged and reminded of the TRUTH of what I have access to in Christ.

Will you FIGHT? It’s WORTH fighting for. If you believe that, share below what you are fighting for today!

Stuff Maddy Does-Advent Edition

Talking about her Advent Calendar…

“Maddy, do you remember what the innkeeper did?”

“Yeah! He gabe dem a baby!”

Maddy asked me why she didn’t receive her discipline for doing something wrong. I briefly explained that I showed her mercy.

“What does muhsea mean?”

I explain-as we have been talking a lot about Christmas and Christ’s coming to give us eternal life, I reminded her of the example of Christ taking our place on the cross and how we don’t always receive what we deserve.

“Momma, God died??!!”
“Well, Jesus died for our sins-for the bad things we have all done.”
“Momma, you did bad things?”
“Yes, mommy has done bad things. Every single person has sinned.”
“God and Jeedsus awe da same doh.”
“Yes, but Jesus was God’s son.”
“Jeedsus came yike a baby, and den gwew up to be a boy and den he dinnit weaw shoes. But God weaws shoes.”

Why I Didn’t Want to Be Pregnant Again!

I had a really hard time wrapping my head around having a second baby. I was 2 yrs postpartum before I felt like *physically speaking* I found my strength again. Selfishly, the last thing I wanted was to go through 2 years of not feeling like myself in my own skin. AGAIN!

This week we celebrated #BabyChallenger’s AKA Morgan’s 6 month milestone.

Other than sleep deprivation, I felt like myself physically!

NO, I’m NOT…at pre-baby weight, rocking a 6-pack, in skinniest clothes, or even in my “best” shape ever.

That’s not what my health is about.

My health is about…

feeling strong and confident.

feeling my body function properly each and every day

fueling my body for life

serving God to the best of my ability every day

So what made the difference?

This used to be my norm…

I lived each day ruled by my cravings. I worked out only so that I could enjoy my pizza, candy, cookies, and total junk food. My long-term health wasn’t even a thought, and I paid for it dearly during my first pregnancy.

I felt miserable every day!

  • I couldn’t sleep without my body going numb.
  • I stopped looking at the scale when it passed 195lbs. I was NOT a healthy 200 lbs pregnant.
  • I was given meds for my digestive system and TMI alert-I couldn’t have a BM without bleeding profusely and being in excruciating pain on a daily basis.
  • I was diagnosed with pre-term labor and put on bed rest and more medication!

With my 2nd pregnancy, I was in the best shape of my life.

I learned how to eat for my health.

I figured out how to work through my cravings.

I found ways to be consistent with my workouts.

My weight gain was less.

I slept better throughout my pregnancy.

I had fewer complications throughout my pregnancy.

My weight gain was less.

My digestive system functioned properly.

My labor was easier.

My recovery post-birth was faster.

My healing of muscles and core has progressed more quickly.

I didn’t need any medications throughout my entire pregnancy!

I feel like myself 6 months later!

Last time it took me 2 years to feel like myself again, and this time only 6 months!

I have been blown away at what a difference my second pregnancy was from the first. I had no idea that just investing a little in my health each day was going to pay off this big in the long-run.

I couldn’t have done any of it without my support system and my tools-here’s the TRUTH of it, guys!

I was using 21 Day Fix, Shakeology and programs like PiYo kept me fit throughout my pregnancy. After having Morgan, I tried something new with Cize which was a little out of my comfort zone, but it helped me get through some really tough and dark postpartum days when I just needed to do something fun to sweat out my tension and stress! I found a coach who has been with me, supporting and encouraging me, checking in on me each step of the way,

So here’s what I want you to know, ladies. YOU can do this. Put in the effort as much as you can when you can. Every little bit makes a big difference!

Maybe you are already postpartum and you didn’t take care of yourself well throughout your pregnancy. Maybe you have more weight than you would like, and you are feeling totally hopeless. I’ve been there. I get it. Start today!

If you need someone to talk to, or you are interested in being part of one of my support groups, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can find me on Facebook. I’m here and ready to help YOU reach for your goals!

If you would like to be part of my monthly support group, you can enroll here.



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