“God’s grace isn’t a license to sin. It’s not cheap perfume that we can splash on to cover up the stink of our failures. His grace is a priceless gift of mercy that invites you and me to move by his strength toward real wholeness in every area of our lives. Grace is the power […]

Standing When I Can’t Get Off My Hands & Knees…

Any of you who follow my blog have certainly noticed a decline in my posts in past weeks. A major reason for this is because of what I am dealing with on a spiritual level. Today I am on my hands and knees in the muck, carving shards of glass from my hands and knees […]

David’s Vision

“Most sin is born out of spiritual blindness—shown in a vast, ugly forgetfulness of God.”    Pg. 66, Holy Available, Gary Thomas “a vast, ugly forgetfulness of God.” “a vast, ugly forgetfulness…” Wow. My spiritual blindness returns constantly, even though I’ve been healed from it. What’s worse…I sometimes often enjoy that blindness. And I forget about God. […]

A Bunch of Crazies

When Mason & I were making the radical move from Texas (solid church, growing youth ministry, stable jobs, great friends, etc.) we felt pretty crazy.  It seemed that very few people understood our decision to obey God.  He had clearly told us to step in faith; for us that meant that we had to move […]

Spiritual Hydration

A few months ago I was drained. No momentum left. Everything God had brought us through from January until August of this year left me feeling spiritually ill. You know that point when you are so hungry, so thirsty, that you are sick and stop feeling those needs? I was there. …and I HATED it. […]