Surviving the Holidays

The conversation with Mason began like this, “Thanksgiving is next week!” Mason stated with full confidence.

“WHAT? No, it’s not!” I replied. Then I thought for a second, and realized that maybe I had lost a few days between kids being sick and the intensity of election week.

“Check the calendar, babe. It’s next Thursday.” Yep, I was totally wrong. Just staying humble and keeping it human over here. 🙂

WOW! We are down to single digit weeks left in this year. Has it flown by for you? I know that it has for us. Maybe you have some regrets about this year. Maybe you had some changes you wanted to see in your health, or you really wanted to reach for that fitness goal and other things came up. Maybe you are like me and started a Bible study, but still aren’t halfway through it. YIKES!

Guess what? It’s not too late to see the results!

I know, you’re thinking there’s no way. It’s already the holiday season and it would be impossible for you to make any progress now. STOP RIGHT THERE!

That’s NOT TRUE!

What if I could help you? What if you couldn’t fail? Would you try?

Because I have a proven system, and last year at this exact time I lost 9lbs in 3 weeks. Yes, seriously! I practically lost a turkey in just 1 month and DURING the holidays. And I wasn’t perfect. It just required effort.


It’s TIME to stop the cycle of gaining weight every holiday season, eating things you may not even want just because others are putting it in front of you, and sabotaging yourself. It’s TIME to start winning now, start moving forward toward your goals before the “New Year” even starts.

Surviving the Holidays.png

This opportunity to be a part of our Surviving the Holidays Group isn’t about being perfect. It’s not about depriving yourself of all of the goodness of the season. It’s not about sacrificing all of the things you love during Christmas. This Surviving the Holidays Group is about learning health from the heart first. It’s about taking time for your relationship with the Lord first daily, changing the way you think to be based in God’s truth, making your physical health with exercise and proper eating a priority on a regular basis, and seeing your purpose and calling as so valuable that you can’t help but fuel your body, your temple, with the best nutrients, so that you can be a vessel of hope and light during this holiday season.

So, do you need this in your life right now?

How would you feel if you were healthier, more fit, and spiritually full on December 31st?

Would you be happier? more joyful? more confident? more patient? thriving and ready for God to use you in the new year?

If so, then here’s all the details:

This is your invitation to join me on November 28th for our Surviving the Holidays Group.


Here’s what you get when you join!

  • Complete Health & Fitness Program with workouts and eating guide to be customized for you and your family
  • My best strategies for healthy holiday survival, including tips for when you are on the go, at parties, and just healthy recipe swaps you can make to keep you on course to reaching your goals
  • My teaching for how to plan your meals, grocery shop, how to adapt recipes and choose snacks
  • 30-Day Supply of my favorite whole-food shake (not just protein and not a weight-loss shake, but a powerhouse nutrient dense meal in a delicious shake)
  • 24/7 Access to our 30-Day Support Group with daily tips, check-ins, and even spiritual encouragement to help you survive the holiday season in a healthy way
  • Weekly Accountability Live Call-I will help you troubleshoot and reach your goals!
  • Meal Planning Live Call-I will help you figure out your meal plan, brainstorm what will work for you, and get you started with a real plan and food prep

Here’s what I expect when you join!

  • You will be matched to a Beachbody fitness program that meets your needs and will help move you toward your personal fitness goals. It’s my goal to help you find a workout you will enjoy doing and actually *want* to get out of bed to do!
  • You will be expected to commit to 30 days of Shakeology for this group. This is a nutrient dense meal (NOT a protein drink or weight loss shake). Using this will help you feel amazing thanks to the dense nutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, etc and will help boost your immune system during this icky season! Using it daily will also take the guess work out of your meal plan, give you some incredible natural energy, and it tastes great too. #WINWIN 😉
  • You will be required to have me as your Coach. Sign up to have me as your Coach by going here: CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT
  • You will check in daily to our Support Group. Be an active participant, and rock your own results.
  • You will track and measure your progress along the way. Don’t stress-we will teach you how! When you do this, you can enter your results, no matter how great or small, to win CASH PRIZES and GIFT CARDS!

Are you ready to see your transformation begin?

It’s time to go! Complete the application below and I will contact you within 24 hours to help you get started.

 *This group begins on November 28th and will go through December 31st.*

Please note-if you are already working with a Beachbody Coach, please do not join. If you do not have a Beachbody Coach, complete the application below.


What do you think?

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