Booklook Review: Uninvited

  Keeping all things real and transparent, I had a friend recommend this book to me before I selected it for review. She was still reading it, but spoke positively about what she had read, so that was all I needed to come grab Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. Rejected. Lonely. Worthless. Less than. Empty. These […]

Booklook Review: It Will Be Okay by Lysa TerKeurst

Little Seed and Little Fox are unlikely friends, but both encounter change and have to face fear. Together, they learn that they can trust the Farmer; he is good and kind. While neither Little Seed or Little Fox like their new circumstances, they recognize that they are okay, and the Farmer cares for them. Children […]

Truths from Ann Voskamp Part III

Last part of what so struck me from Ann Voskamp‘s message in the “Say Yes to God” webcast shared by her & Lysa TerKeurst ! “My heart, so busted, my faith is more of a limping than a walk… I feel like a failure. God whispers our name and He says, ‘You, yes, you! You’re forgiven!’ “Our […]

Truths from Ann Voskamp Part II

Part II of my notes from the “Say Yes to God” webcast by Lysa TerKeurst & Ann Voskamp! I’m telling you, I was so encouraged by these ladies and hope that the truthful words from Ann challenge you to holiness and a new intimacy with the Lord! “Peace isn’t the absence of the dark… Peace […]