Booklook Review: Play With Fire

I’m totally a stalker. ūüėČ I heard of Bianca Olthoff’s work with A21¬†Campaign through her sister Jasmine Star. Jasmine is an incredibly gifted photographer whose work I have been stalking for close to a decade now. When I heard that Bianca was writing this book I did a little research to see if it looked […]

Booklook Review: Uninvited

  Keeping all things real and transparent, I had a friend recommend this book to me before I selected it for review. She was still reading it, but spoke positively about what she had read, so that was all I needed to come grab Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. Rejected. Lonely. Worthless. Less than. Empty. These […]

Booklook Review: Unashamed by Christine Caine

Shame can be paralyzing. We each have our triggers, and actions¬†that happen in life or relationships, even the slightest of cues in a conversation that spark something inside of us that makes us want to run and hide. It drives us to hide, to run away, to retreat into our corners and closets and miss […]

Booklook Review: The Princess Twins and the Tea Party

After a great experience reviewing¬†“The Princess Twins and the Birthday Party” (see our review here), I opted to get “The Princess Twins and the Tea Party” as well. In this story, Princess Emma is trying to make sure that every detail is ready and perfect for the tea party. She works so hard, striving in […]

Booklook Review: The Princess Twins and the Birthday Party

Maddy loves anything “princess”, so I was hopeful that this would be a great addition to our library and would meet her requirements for a good “princess” read. “The Princess Twins and the Birthday Party” is all about Princess Abby and Princess Emma who are getting ready for their birthday party. Both girls spend time […]

This Is Awkward

Review of This Is Awkward by Sammy Rhodes Before I began reading This Is Awkward, I had no idea who Sammy Rhodes was, so when the intro of the book suggests looking him up online, my curiosity got the best of me. I thought I might ruin my unbiased perspective of the author, but turns […]

Best EASY PREP Chicken Recipes

Chicken is usually a winning meal in our house, and here are two of our favorite chicken thigh recipes that take MINUTES to prepare and are not too spicy for your little ones, but have enough flavor for adults too. <–that’s a WIN in my book! Note-I make both of these with boneless-skinless chicken breast […]

HELP! I Need a Biblical Framework and Checkpoints for Developing Leadership

The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership by Jenni Catron The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership is a leadership manual based on the principles of the Greatest Commandment given by Jesus in Mark 12: 30¬†and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, […]