Finding the Motivation to Stick With It

The alarm was beeping again, and again I was hitting the snooze. So many times this has happened in the last month, and even though I had the best of intentions in getting up earlier, getting my workout and quiet time in, even sneaking in some work when I’m uninterrupted, and yet I continued to […]

Recipe: Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin Puree Serves: 1 Ingredients Whole pumpkin (or 2 small whole pumpkins) Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Cut the pumpkin in half, stem to base. If you have a large pumpkin like I did, you may want to cut the stem off and cut the base flat. This made it a little easier […]

Recipe: “Superfood Side” Inspired Salad

We love to eat at Chick-fil-A, but I’m always struggling to fit in my green veggies when we go. I was thrilled when they debuted the “Superfood Side” which is basically a kale/broccoli salad. I knew that I could come up with something similar to enjoy at home, and this was our ┬áresult! Super Food […]

Recipe: Clean Eating Snack Bites

We do our best to eat according to our meal plan (this not only keeps us following our clean eating, but also closer to being on-budget). However, the snacking habit dies hard, so when I am ready to tear through the house to find something to satisfy that sweet-spot, these are a much better option […]

Recipe: Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt

There isn’t much better combination than peanut butter and chocolate…unless it’s peanut butter and DARK chocolate! ­čÖé Recently I have been on a kick with my peanut butter and chocolate, and came up with this delicious treat. note-this post contains affiliate links. Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Prep Time: 5 min Total Time: 5 […]

Green Cherry-Berry Smoothie

This quick green smoothie recipe has become a go-to for me each morning. Often, dairy products can make you feel sluggish, but I found that when I pair it with fresh greens I actually feel light and energized. That is exactly what I want to feel like! Ingredients: 4 oz. Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 cup […]

How To Crush Cravings This Winter-Part 3

We are in the final week of winter, and even though temperatures are on the rise and we have moved our clocks back for Daylight Savings Time, that doesn’t mean that the battle to fight winter cravings are over just yet. Well, they aren’t for me anyway. ­čśë Here are three things I’m doing to […]

Strawberry-Banana Green Smoothie

Growing up my mom always made us strawberry-banana smoothies. It’s actually my go-to flavor whenever I hit up a smoothie shop. However, when I make it at home I want to pack in as much nutrients as possible. Here’s how I did it! INGREDIENTS: 2/3┬ácup water 2/3┬ácup unsweetened vanilla almond milk┬á 1 cup fresh spinach, […]

Feast on the Real Thing!

I used to think honey was bland. I mean, it was good and had a good flavor, but I didn’t find it all that sweet. However, once I cut artificial flavors and processed sugars from my eating habits, I started to notice how sweet everything was. Apparently my tastebuds had been accustomed to all of […]

Demolish Excuses and Start Now!

Have you felt so overwhelmed by reasons NOT to do something┬áthat you just quit before you even had a chance to begin? That’s where I found myself last weekend. I kept coming up with every reason why I should NOT start the Combat fitness program with my husband. I’ve never done a combat-style workout I’ve […]