Joys I Have Found from A to Z!

Hey, friends! Here I am, over ten years into blogging (yes, I was one of those teenagers with a Xanga way back when) and I am taking my first blogging challenge along with some great blogger friends. I hope you will follow along as I share something dear to my heart: the joys I have found from A to Z!

Finding joy in… Ants

Finding joy in… Blood

Finding joy in…Crafts

Finding joy in…Developments

Finding joy in…Expenses

Finding joy in…Family Fun

Finding joy in…Going Without Shampoo???

Finding joy in…my Husband

Finding joy in…Inspiration

Finding joy in…my Job

Finding joy in…Kindness

Finding joy in…[the] Little Girl

Finding joy in…Mason Conrad

Finding joy in…Nothing

Finding joy in…Opportunity

Finding joy in…Plan to Eat

Finding joy in…Quiet

Finding joy in…Repairs

Finding joy in…Supply

Finding joy in…That Moment

Finding joy in…the Unfaltering One

Finding joy in…a Visit

Finding joy in…WINNING

Finding joy in…Christ

Finding joy in…YNAB

Finding joy in…Zilch


5 thoughts on “Joys I Have Found from A to Z!

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  2. I love that you took something so annoying and were able to see beyond the inconvenience even the “grossness” of the situation and were thankful that there was food on the table and a roof over your head. Thank you for that joyful thought!

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