Quoted: Speaking

Saw this on someone’s status and had to post…I have witness and experienced too much hurt (often unintentional) especially by Christians. These principles are SCRIPTURAL! “Before you pass along information or comments about someone else, let it first pass through four gates for approval. If all four give you a green light, share it without […]

David’s Vision

“Most sin is born out of spiritual blindness—shown in a vast, ugly forgetfulness of God.”    Pg. 66, Holy Available, Gary Thomas “a vast, ugly forgetfulness of God.” “a vast, ugly forgetfulness…” Wow. My spiritual blindness returns constantly, even though I’ve been healed from it. What’s worse…I sometimes often enjoy that blindness. And I forget about God. […]

Should I Just Quit?

There are so many days when I review my thoughts, my actions, my behavior, and I just want to quit. Quit talking, quit acting so terribly. I think sometimes that it would be better for the sake of Christ if I would just quit. Yet, God wants me here. He wants me talking, thanking, acting, […]

Lessons from the Dixons: “Choices”

Today has been a very strange Monday for me.  Our schedule at school was thrown off quite a bit between testing and other special events, as well as one of our students being absent.  (When you only have 8, 1 absent makes a pretty significant difference.)  Our packing is moving along, and my parents will […]

De-fin-ate-ly…De-fi-nant-ly? No!

I work in an elementary school, specifically with children in special education. Because of this, I am constantly barraged with requests for the proper spelling of a word.  I am, for the most part, a word/spelling/grammar nazi, and I want people taught correctly.  A while back our former high school small group was meeting on […]