How to keep your purpose while losing weight

Have you ever felt like you lost yourself in something? It’s so easy to do, especially when you are experiencing significant change in life. For example: losing weight pregnancy adjusting to a new baby or family member moving job change There are countless situations in life that can consume us and often spark one to actually […]

Thoughts On Spiritual Health & Nutrition Plans

Clean eating. Whole 30. Paleo. Weight Watchers. Intermittent Fasting. Atkins. Flexible Eating. Counting Calories. When it comes to nutrition, it seems that there are as many plans and different approaches as there are people on the planet. I am of the mind that any diet or nutrition plan *can* work for you as long as you […]

How to Process Anxiety and Stress

What do you usually do when you are feeling burdened and discouraged in life? Some people ignore, others act, still more wallow in circumstances. All three have been my response in differing scenarios, but I am realizing that each of them lands me somewhere I don’t care to be. Hang in there with me, I’ll […]

How to Find Peace And Ditch the Crazy Cycles

Have you ever found yourself in a crazy pattern of thinking that just keeps you spinning in negativity and defeat? Me neither. WHAT? Who am I kidding? It happens all too often, and it’s something God has really been challenging me to let Him transform in my heart and life.Here’s what’s worked for me. 1. […]

Are you making this mistake with your LOVE?

I was struck by this thought the other day as I was exercising and mulling over the Scripture I had read. I was tired and tempted to cut my reps short, just watching the clock countdown. Then I realized what I was doing…er, NOT doing. I was making the mistake of thinking that just by being […]

Book Review: Watershed Moments by Gari Meacham

“A watershed moment is a turning point brought on by circumstances that stop us in our tracks… Like a compass that provides direction, these are moments that move us to new ways of thinking, relating, discerning, and accepting life’s challenges.” -Gari Meacham, Watershed Moments pg. 12 You may know Gari Meacham as a writer or […]

Quoted: Speaking

Saw this on someone’s status and had to post…I have witness and experienced too much hurt (often unintentional) especially by Christians. These principles are SCRIPTURAL! “Before you pass along information or comments about someone else, let it first pass through four gates for approval. If all four give you a green light, share it without […]

Standing When I Can’t Get Off My Hands & Knees…

Any of you who follow my blog have certainly noticed a decline in my posts in past weeks. A major reason for this is because of what I am dealing with on a spiritual level. Today I am on my hands and knees in the muck, carving shards of glass from my hands and knees […]


“Sexual and materialistic sin can make us spiritually drunk… …lose our footing… …minds go fuzzy…   …CAN’T see clearly, feel clearly, or pray clearly…   we get blown here and there by our sin. If we allow the world to steal our hearts, we have all but lost the battle. The real danger is not […]