How to Make Fresh Ginger Lemon Tea (and Why you should today!)

Sinus pressure, sneezing, and blowing my nose-that’s most of what I have done the last two days. So, my scripture review this morning was accompanied by some Fresh Ginger Lemon Tea. This fresh tea has awesome benefits that I wasn’t even aware I was missing out on! I’m pretty much wondering why I don’t drink it everyday! […]

Mac’n’CHEESE Crack

For the entire 135 Weeks and 6 Days 951 Days (sounds that much more dramatic) of my marriage to Mason we have debated the greatness of mac’n’cheese. or good ol’ homemade mac’n’cheese? I’ll give you one guess as to who chose which side. (OBVIOUSLY I went homemade—it’s what my momma always made at home in […]

Baked Sweet Mustard Chicken Strips

I waited for inspiration to make dinner tonight, and though it was late (most every good meal here comes at the price of “homemade” which means: “takes longer”.  It was worth it—Michael & Mason confirmed. J 5 small chicken breast 1 TBSP honey ½ TBSP brown sugar 4 TBSP Mustard (your preference of flavor, I […]

Easy As Apple Pie

I just finished devouring, quite possibly, the most delicious piece of apple pie I’ve ever eaten.  Yeah, it was that good.  Even better, what made me so happy was that Mason had finished his piece by the time I sat down to eat mine!  🙂  His appreciation for my cooking/baking always feels good.   Nothing spectacular […]