Mac’n’CHEESE Crack

For the entire 135 Weeks and 6 Days 951 Days (sounds that much more dramatic) of my marriage to Mason we have debated the greatness of mac’n’cheese. or good ol’ homemade mac’n’cheese? I’ll give you one guess as to who chose which side. (OBVIOUSLY I went homemade—it’s what my momma always made at home in […]

Reflections: Christmas 2010

My Christmas was very different this year. For the first time in 5 years I had Christmas with my family. For the first time ever Mason & I shared Christmas with all of my immediate family…in Korea! (though it didn’t feel as much like “home” as you may think it would have) This Christmas brought […]

Oh, Christmas Tree…Oh, Christmas Tree!

Our little Christmas Tree…perfect for the 2 of us. Directions: Remove from plastic bag storage Fluff branches. Remove hideous Medusa Santa? face. Merry Christmas! I love this kind of decorating…so simple and I have a happy Mason with a simple Christmas Tree! What is a new (to you) decoration you have for Christmas this year?

A Bunch of Crazies

When Mason & I were making the radical move from Texas (solid church, growing youth ministry, stable jobs, great friends, etc.) we felt pretty crazy.  It seemed that very few people understood our decision to obey God.  He had clearly told us to step in faith; for us that meant that we had to move […]

Furious Five: Travel Edition

Starbucks has one of the best and thorough marketing campaigns worldwide. I know they catch a lot of flak for having their own language, culture, etc. However, when I can walk up to the Starbucks kiosk in Nagoya, Japan and clearly communicate with the native barista and get the CORRECT order, my loyalty remains to […]