Fight For Us Challenge

Stale. Boring. Monotonous. Marriage can become that way so easily, but that’s NOT how God designed relationships. Mason and I had an amazing start to our marriage with nearly a year of in-depth premarital counseling and an incredibly supportive community. And then we started living life. 😉 No, really. We went through some devastating experiences in […]

Finding Joy in my Husband

I believed for a long time that I would be married, and I also realized that God had given me several key relationships throughout my developmental years to prepare me for my husband. My older sister and a few best friends, not to mention my parents. Mason and I truly had a good foundation to […]


“Your husband will not meet 100 percent of your needs. He probably won’t even meet 80 percent. If you expect him to, you’re going to become frustrated, bitter, resentful, and angry. God didn’t set up marriage to meet 100 percent of your needs! Your beef isn’t with your husband; it’s with the one who created […]


“I [the LORD] will CLEANSE you from ALL your impurities and from ALL your idols. I will GIVE you a new heart and PUT a new spirit in you; I will REMOVE from you your heart of stone and GIVE you a heart of flesh” -Ezekiel 36:25-26  The promise God has made to each of […]