Are you making this mistake with your LOVE?

I was struck by this thought the other day as I was exercising and mulling over the Scripture I had read. I was tired and tempted to cut my reps short, just watching the clock countdown. Then I realized what I was doing…er, NOT doing. I was making the mistake of thinking that just by being […]

Finding Joy in That Moment

“You know when you know.” she said, with a sure tone. “Yep.” I replied, while all three of us nodded our heads in agreement. … We were talking about our marriages, how we met our husbands. I remember that moment of “knowing” vividly. I couldn’t tell you the date on the calendar, but that morning […]

Fave: Matt Hammlitt – All of Me

I am always on the search for stories that challenge me. Matt Hammitt from Sanctus Real wrote this song for his son Bowen. While Matt wrote this for his son, I know that each of us can relate to being hurt, having some thing or some one that we love torn away from us, and […]

I miss you. A Whole ‘Nother Meaning

“I miss you.” That phrase has been worn out in my life’s conversations.  I grew up as an MK (missionary kid) and as long as I can remember, I have been “missing” someone: family members, friends, acquaintances, teachers, pastors, leaders, coaches, mentors.  My life has been characterized by people in transition.  I say all of […]