Gary Thomas likens the process of finding Christian rest and peace to the experience of baking a cake. “There is no rest for those who initially come to Jesus but then refuse to become like him. Arrogant people—those who need to be noticed, appreciated, and praised—can’t possibly find rest in a world full of slights. […]


“It is spiritually toxic and personally disastrous to assume that we have ever arrived, that we can stop making progress…” Are you resting or pursuing perfection? “I want God’s power but all too often feel spiritually impotent. I want God’s authority but all too often cower in fear and doubt and self-loathing. I want God’s […]


“Sexual and materialistic sin can make us spiritually drunk… …lose our footing… …minds go fuzzy…   …CAN’T see clearly, feel clearly, or pray clearly…   we get blown here and there by our sin. If we allow the world to steal our hearts, we have all but lost the battle. The real danger is not […]

David’s Vision

“Most sin is born out of spiritual blindness—shown in a vast, ugly forgetfulness of God.”    Pg. 66, Holy Available, Gary Thomas “a vast, ugly forgetfulness of God.” “a vast, ugly forgetfulness…” Wow. My spiritual blindness returns constantly, even though I’ve been healed from it. What’s worse…I sometimes often enjoy that blindness. And I forget about God. […]

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

“What is true physically is also true spiritually. Prayer provides a mirror for our attitudes. Through it, we begin to see out motives from a different perspective.” -Holy Available, Gary Thomas When you catch a glimpse of yourself, Expressions, Body language, Your composure in the mirror, it can be startling. So much so that you […]

Should I Just Quit?

There are so many days when I review my thoughts, my actions, my behavior, and I just want to quit. Quit talking, quit acting so terribly. I think sometimes that it would be better for the sake of Christ if I would just quit. Yet, God wants me here. He wants me talking, thanking, acting, […]


“If we don’t think about God, pray to God, listen for God’s voice, and consciously serve God, by definition we live an ungodly life. We usually think of ‘ungodly’ as being against God, but ungodly can also be a life that simply ignores God or—out of busyness, indifference, religiosity, or apathy—simply doesn’t tap in to […]