It’s All About the Heart.

While on our recent road trip back from Texas my Dad and I were listening to some of Brene Brown’s writing about shame and vulnerability. Brene has some wonderful insight to these areas and how they affect and shape our lives (unless we learn how to process shame and handle vulnerability). As I took her […]


“Sexual and materialistic sin can make us spiritually drunk… …lose our footing… …minds go fuzzy…   …CAN’T see clearly, feel clearly, or pray clearly…   we get blown here and there by our sin. If we allow the world to steal our hearts, we have all but lost the battle. The real danger is not […]


“I [the LORD] will CLEANSE you from ALL your impurities and from ALL your idols. I will GIVE you a new heart and PUT a new spirit in you; I will REMOVE from you your heart of stone and GIVE you a heart of flesh” -Ezekiel 36:25-26  The promise God has made to each of […]