Spiritual Hydration

A few months ago I was drained. No momentum left. Everything God had brought us through from January until August of this year left me feeling spiritually ill. You know that point when you are so hungry, so thirsty, that you are sick and stop feeling those needs? I was there. …and I HATED it. […]

Should I Just Quit?

There are so many days when I review my thoughts, my actions, my behavior, and I just want to quit. Quit talking, quit acting so terribly. I think sometimes that it would be better for the sake of Christ if I would just quit. Yet, God wants me here. He wants me talking, thanking, acting, […]

Always in Reach, Never in Hand

Ever feel like you are always striving for that goal, yet, never quite grasping it?  I have recently been very discouraged in my strive for excellence in life, emotional management, balancing time, maintaining positive attitude, winning my spiritual battles triumphantly (not weakly), etc.  I was incredibly bolstered in my drive when I read this Friday […]

Don’t Wait!

I have been following Jeremy Camp since I was in high school, before he was anything big in the Christian music arena.  I loved his testimony and how authentic his lyrics were.  I was pleased to come across Adie Camp’s (Jeremy Camp‘s wife, formerly with The Benjamin Gate) recent release, and to listen to a […]