2 Years!

Our sweet girl is 2 years old today! This little girl who threatened to arrive early, but instead came right on her due date. This little girl who grows and changes daily, challenging her Daddy and me to teach her truth, show her love, and be consistent in all we do. Maddy playing in her […]

100 Days

August 31st marked Maddy’s 100th day of life. Being a little one in Korea made that a very big deal!   In American culture we celebrate birthdays and many significant ones at that, 1st, 16, 21, etc. (and probably many more that are uniquely significant in between those major ones) However, in Korea there are […]


I was going to write a great post about how my little-little brother is turning 14 today but then I went to find some photos of him and have too many fun ones to bog you down with words. I love how you love life, Mitch! Happy 14th birthday!

Craft: Moo-stash-ez

**Disclaimer: I can’t believe how delayed this particular post is. Sorry! ** This craft was created for the occasion of our friend Ferial‘s birthday party! Her husband John put so much love and effort into surprising her with not necessarily the party (time, place, date) but its theme & details. This said, for about a […]