Fight For Us Challenge

Stale. Boring. Monotonous. Marriage can become that way so easily, but that’s NOT how God designed relationships. Mason and I had an amazing start to our marriage with nearly a year of in-depth premarital counseling and an incredibly supportive community. And then we started living life. 😉 No, really. We went through some devastating experiences in […]

Finding Joy in That Moment

“You know when you know.” she said, with a sure tone. “Yep.” I replied, while all three of us nodded our heads in agreement. … We were talking about our marriages, how we met our husbands. I remember that moment of “knowing” vividly. I couldn’t tell you the date on the calendar, but that morning […]

A Crucifixion Type Love

I stumbled across this video recently and immediately Mason and I were caught in the flow of Brent‘s message. The imagery he uses is incredible and so full of truth. I was caught off-guard in the way he wove the words of truth-great artistry! His message isn’t just for husbands, but for any believer as […]

Finding Joy in my Husband

I believed for a long time that I would be married, and I also realized that God had given me several key relationships throughout my developmental years to prepare me for my husband. My older sister and a few best friends, not to mention my parents. Mason and I truly had a good foundation to […]