Our Little Girl’s Arrival-Finale

*fair warning (again)-I share a few birth details in here that you may not want to read-this is a birth story after all.* šŸ˜‰ Roughly 5:30 pm? We weren’t halfway to Sarah’s house (she only lived a ten min drive away) when I felt a “POP”. There truly is no better way to describe it, […]

Recipe: Pasta Vino’s Dressing

We ascended the narrow staircase, our stomachs shouting their request to be fed. I couldn’t quite see where I was going due to the dim, no, non-existent lighting; however, my mentor had told me how good this restaurant was, so my other senses engaged to follow after her in our pursuit of some delicious Italian […]

Things I Am Missing…

(about life in Korea) Happy Quilt and its’ cheap fabric for projects. Dream Depot and its’ convenience for crafty and office things. Grocery stores that deliver to my door. Our old apartment without stairs-life with everything on a single level is grand! Less choices. I’m still overwhelmed with all of the “options” and “conveniences” here […]

Leftover Markings

We love leftovers in this house-I can always use them up, turn them into some new dish, etc. However, sometimes I put stuff in the fridge without labeling it. Eek! Not good when I’m trying to distinguish between pizza sauce, barbecue sauce, etc. And I’m not an adventurous sniffer or finger dip’n’lick’er to get the […]

Chocolate Chunk Cake Cookie Bars

I saw thisĀ recipe pinned on Pinterest for Lazy Cake Cookies and knew it would be a quick and easy hit! I have been making treats to take for youth group the last month while Mason and were leading and since I had been given a cake mix (and we’re not big cake people here) I […]