How to Process Anxiety and Stress

What do you usually do when you are feeling burdened and discouraged in life? Some people ignore, others act, still more wallow in circumstances. All three have been my response in differing scenarios, but I am realizing that each of them lands me somewhere I don’t care to be. Hang in there with me, I’ll […]

Feast on the Real Thing!

I used to think honey was bland. I mean, it was good and had a good flavor, but I didn’t find it all that sweet. However, once I cut artificial flavors and processed sugars from my eating habits, I started to notice how sweet everything was. Apparently my tastebuds had been accustomed to all of […]


Work to rest. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I’m trying it out. Particularly during this busy holiday season, I find myself rushed and abandoning the good and productive habits that I work hard to establish. “My tomorrow will be much less hectic than today because I prepared.” -Anne Marie Miller, Surviving Christmas I tried this out […]

Are you making this mistake with your LOVE?

I was struck by this thought the other day as I was exercising and mulling over the Scripture I had read. I was tired and tempted to cut my reps short, just watching the clock countdown. Then I realized what I was doing…er, NOT doing. I was making the mistake of thinking that just by being […]