How Do You Save MONEY on Groceries?

We live in one of the most expensive areas of the country for buying groceries, and this is one way that I save a significant amount of $$ buying healthy, fresh foods for our family. Today I shared a special sale!   Zaycon’s deal is: SAVE10 good for $10 OFF thru 12/13/15 Referral Link: […]


Work to rest. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I’m trying it out. Particularly during this busy holiday season, I find myself rushed and abandoning the good and productive habits that I work hard to establish. “My tomorrow will be much less hectic than today because I prepared.” -Anne Marie Miller, Surviving Christmas I tried this out […]

Booklook Review: Smart Money Smart Kids

Ever since Mason and I were blessed to receive copies of Total Money Makeover, I began following Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze on social media, surrounding myself with as many positive influences as I could when it comes to financial decision making and pursuing debt-freedom. It was a no-brainer to snag this book for review […]

In Honor of Mother’s Day…Babies Don’t Keep

As moms, we often become caught up with the overwhelming menial tasks of mothering. Could it be that when the stacks of dirty dishes, mounds of laundry, and corners full of dust scream at us the loudest, our children need us most? Perhaps, when we see urgent work that we think must be taken care of today, the […]

YNAB is Now Free for College Students | YNAB

Did you hear? … … …   You Need A Budget is FREE for COLLEGE STUDENTS! It’s true-there is an AWESOME deal out there for college students right now! I can’t recommend this software strongly enough, and the fact that YNAB is giving it to college students for FREE just makes me like this company […]

Finding Joy in YNAB!

*this post includes affiliate links-feel free to use them, or don’t. 🙂 What on earth is YNAB? Let me tell ya! YNAB=You Need A Budget! Mason and I jumped on board and became YNAB’ers in the last couple months since we were looking for a good budgeting solution which would enable us to… budget *forward* […]

So You Want to Cloth Diaper…

*I am NOT a cloth diaper expert…but I’m always happy to share my experiences and what I have learned.* This post will basically be a quick-start to cloth diapering in response to having the “basics of cloth diapering” conversation with several friends since we took the plunge earlier this year. What you need to use […]