Who is Tony Horton?

If you would have asked me a week ago, “Who is Tony Horton?”, I likely would have replied with, “He’s the brains behind some really popular fitness programs like P90x, 10 Minute Trainer, and I think he even has his own skincare line now. Oh, and he can be a little weird and intense sometimes.” 😉 All my preconceived notions and judgments, to be fair.

Confession-I have never done one of Tony Horton’s programs. I tried a workout or two of my MIL’s old Ten Minute Trainer program, and just didn’t feel like I jived with his vibe. So, when I heard that Tony Horton would be guest speaking at our local Super Saturday, I thought it was cool but really wasn’t too pumped.

And then I met him.

And then I heard his story.

If you want to hear for yourself, you can check out him sharing here:

I knew I could learn something from him, because the guy is crazy successful and well known, has written a few books, and his impact on the health and fitness community is noticeable to say the least. Getting to learn from people who have fought to help others and change lives in a big way lights me up. So, back to my point. Who is Tony Horton?

He’s just a real dude, who one day decided to do something to serve someone he didn’tDSC_0029 crop even like. If it weren’t for that act of kindness and humility, he may not be where he is today. In fact, I may not have the same opportunity today to work from home and build a business doing what God designed me to do! That’s crazy and humbling to me.

So, I don’t know who Tony Horton is to you, but to me he is someone who stepped out of his comfort zone to serve others, and because of his willingness to give without expectation of a return, I’m able to have the freedom to live in my purpose today. Never underestimate the power and impact of the choices you make! We have the ability to waste our days, spend our days, or invest our days. Which will you choose?

waste spend invest

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