What God Taught Me From My Daughter’s Love For Disney Princesses

Our conversation began something like this,

(Maddy sitting up in her bed at nap time) “Mommy, pwincesses awe giwls, wight?”

(me, trying not to be completely perturbed because she is talking to me while we are settling down for nap time) “Yes, you’re right. A prince is a boy.”

“But Mulan cut off her hair to pwetend to be a boy. Why did she do dat?”

I offer a simple explanation about women at that time in China, and as I describe how Mulan did a brave and hard thing to save and protect her Daddy, Maddy interrupts me.

“But, Mommy, Mulan got huwt!”

Instantly it connected in my mind and I answered her incredulous statement, “Yep, you’re right, babe. Sometimes even when we do brave things, we get hurt. It’s hard.”

“But den she saved China!”

“Yes, she did! Did you know that all of the princesses were hurt even when they did brave things?”

“But not Belle. She didn’t get huwt.”

“Actually, she did. She wasn’t hurt on her body, but her heart was hurt.” Maddy looked at me puzzled and I explained, “When she stayed with the Beast she had to leave her Daddy forever. Can you imagine not seeing your Daddy for a long long time?”

“Oh, my heawt would huwt! But youwe still hewe wif me, so I’m happy!”

After tucking the girls in for their nap, I came down to my desk in tears and shared this post. This season is hard. We are fighting to become debt free, and learning discipline on a whole new level. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s grueling and difficult and my fears ball up in my throat when I get distracted and lose heart.

Mulan was physically injured in battle and rejected by her team.

Tiana was outbid on the building for her restaurant.

Ariel gave up her most precious gift (what made her so unique) and was rejected by Prince Eric.

Cinderella lost her entire family and was rejected by her step-mother and step-sisters.

Here’s the truth I learned from the Disney Princesses-I will get hurt along the way, whether that’s physical, relational, heart, etc. However, I have to persevere.

I have always thought that working for someone else’s dream would be so hard, and it really was. I hated my last “job” and and struggled to see the value in my role and work. I know that if I “had to go back to work” now, I would be physically ill over leaving my girls and not having time with them.

quote graphic.jpg

Here’s the truth: working for someone else is hard. Working for your own dream is hard too. God created you with unique passion to glorify Him. You must fight to pursue that good work. The dreams in your heart are there for a reason. Go pursue them, even when it hurts…even when it’s hard!

How has God uniquely created you to glorify Him?

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