How to Find Peace And Ditch the Crazy Cycles

Have you ever found yourself in a crazy pattern of thinking that just keeps you spinning in negativity and defeat?

Me neither.

WHAT? Who am I kidding? It happens all too often, and it’s something God has really been challenging me to let Him transform in my heart and life.Here’s what’s worked for me.

1. PREPARE yourself with God’s truth. 

There’s a reason Paul describes the armor of God with truth being the piece that covers our “loins”, or our most sensitive and delicate parts (see Ephesians 6). Every piece of spiritual armor is linked back to God’s Word and message of hope. If we are not making use of the supernatural and powerful Word of God, we will not be prepared for the attack of the enemy. Psalm 119:11 states,

“Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.”

Begin treasuring God’s Word, and you will be better prepared for the next crazy cycle Satan tries to use to attack your thoughts.

Psalm 119-11.jpg

2. CATCH your thoughts when the downward spiral begins.

This is perhaps the most vital key to ditching the crazy cycle of negativity and defeat. 2 Corinthians 10:5 speaks of taking thoughts captive so that we can be obedient to Christ. As believers, we are taught to exude God’s love, grace, joy, and peace. When we are in the depths of defeat, there’s no room for God’s presence to shine in our lives. We have to change the way we think according to Ephesians 4 (read the second half, verses 20-24). Recognizing your thoughts is where this transformation process begins!

change thoughts.jpg

3. SURROUND yourself with friends who are striving, not those who are struggling.

It’s these moments we need true friends who know our junk and love us warts and all, but are also going to call us on the carpet and expect us to grow and change. Proverbs 27:6 is a great example of that, and I also often think of Deborah from the book of Judges (check out Judges 4-5 to read about her). When you choose a friend to help you with your crazy (or anyone to be part of your support system), you are going into spiritual battle together. Choose someone who has your back!

battle friends.jpg

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