How To Crush Cravings This Winter-Part 3

We are in the final week of winter, and even though temperatures are on the rise and we have moved our clocks back for Daylight Savings Time, that doesn’t mean that the battle to fight winter cravings are over just yet. Well, they aren’t for me anyway. ūüėČ

Here are three things I’m doing to crush my cravings this winter:

1. Find a healthy routine that works for you! (for both exercise and eating)Health Tip-Fight Cravings Routine.jpg

For some people, it’s a 6am Spin class, or hitting the gym after work. Some of you are crazy¬†and love to run even in the dead of winter. I’m a fair-weather jogger myself. ūüėČ However, I have found that I do well when I knock out my workout first thing in the morning and stick to that as many days of the week as I can. It’s not always possible, but I do my best to make it happen. I also do all of our meal planning with Plan To Eat, and purchase exactly what we need so we aren’t spending extra $ on junk food or ordering meals out at the last minute. The key here is finding what works for YOU! Love to dance? Find a class or get an at-home workout that incorporates fun music and dance moves! Hate broccoli? Don’t eat it! Find seasonal veggies you DO like and experiment with recipes to keep things new and interesting. Exercising and eating right regularly will help to keep your hormones even, and will aid in¬†cutting¬†your cravings. That’s a WIN all the way around!

2. Just Exercise (even when you are craving an afternoon indulgence)Health Tip-Fight Cravings.jpg

Get your blood pumping and MOVE! Especially in the late afternoon slump when you want to put your head down on your desk or curl up for a nap. The best thing you can do is get your blood pumping. While it increases your feel-good hormones (AKA-endorphins), you will get to enjoy this “high” and pain relief (similar to morphine, would you believe that?!?) and skip out on the calories from a junk food fix that would leave you feeling even more sluggish and with just as much of a muffin top.

3. Satisfy cravings with whole food options.

Do NOT dismiss your cravings! I am a firm believer in NOT ignoring the cravings your body has. When you crave something, your body is trying to signal you that you need certain vitamins and minerals. Instead of feeding your body processed junk, sugar, or salty, chemical-laden foods, take the time to learn what your body needs and just try the whole food option. You might just be surprised at how quickly that craving subsides!


source unknown

One last thing as we wrap up satisfying your cravings: don’t forget to drink water. Even if you think you already drink a lot of water, your body can become dehydrated very easily and needs a lot of fluids to flush out toxins and absorb proper nutrients!

For more recipes, nutrition tips and spiritual support join me here. If you need help with nutrition and would like some accountability, reach out to me-I help people each month as they improve their health!



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