Best EASY PREP Chicken Recipes

Best EASY PREPChicken Recipes.jpgChicken is usually a winning meal in our house, and here are two of our favorite chicken thigh recipes that take MINUTES to prepare and are not too spicy for your little ones, but have enough flavor for adults too. <–that’s a WIN in my book!

Note-I make both of these with boneless-skinless chicken breast also (you can purchase amazingly high quality thighs and breast pieces from Zaycon Fresh-check them out here), and it turns out great as long as you adjust the cooking time down to suit (thighs will cook a bit longer than the white meat of a chicken breast).

Balsamic Baked Chicken

My tips…

  • Buy your seasonings in bulk! I get this oregano on Amazon and use it to make other seasoning blends too. Much cheaper and higher quality than what I can get from the store in small quantities. I highly recommend this Celtic Sea Salt also-has a great taste and blends well!
  • Get a good Balsamic Vinegar. I love our local store called Taste Oil Vinegar Spice, and you can order online from them. OR, find a good quality bottle like this.

Honey-Garlic Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs

With this one…

  • I use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos to make this more “clean eating” friendly.
  • Find an organic Ketchup option (I purchase a store brand or one like Heinz Organic).
  • Again, get your spices in bulk to save $$. Here’s a great Sweet Basil Leaf that comes in a 2-pack. Leave one sealed or split your purchase with a friend, OR throw a party and make some seasoning blends with your girlfriends!
  • I prefer this in the oven, but you can even do it starting with frozen chicken thighs in a crock-pot.

21 Day Fix Tips:

For those of you doing 21 Day Fix, both of these recipes are going to be adaptable to fit your eating plan. Tips-u
se boneless, skinless chicken breast and be sure to measure your portions with your red container. Also count a teaspoon oil per serving.

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