Feast on the Real Thing!

I used to think honey was bland. I mean, it was good and had a good flavor, but I didn’t find it all that sweet. However, once I cut artificial flavors and processed sugars from my eating habits, I started to notice how sweet everything was. Apparently my tastebuds had been accustomed to all of the fake junk and couldn’t recognize the true sweetness of natural honey!

How sweet are your words to my taste,
    sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Psalm 119:103

As I read this passage, I couldn’t help but think that we often don’t like God’s words. They aren’t sweet to our palette, and we may even want to spit them out because of how offensive they are. However, when you have cut the junk and fake stuff from your “spiritual diet”, His words become sweet as honey. Truth becomes something we feast upon. We relish the next opportunity to indulge and savor each lick. See where I’m going?

psalm 119-103 (1).jpg

Feast on the real thing-His truth and goodness. It will always keep you coming back for more and rejecting the fake crap Satan tries to feed you.

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