Demolish Excuses and Start Now!

Have you felt so overwhelmed by reasons NOT to do something that you just quit before you even had a chance to begin? That’s where I found myself last weekend. I kept coming up with every reason why I should NOT start the Combat fitness program with my husband.
  • I’ve never done a combat-style workout
  • I’ve never done ANY form of martial arts
  • I love working with weights, and this has none
  • The workouts are different lengths of time.

Guess what? I had one REALLY good reason to start, and that was to do this program with my husband. It was his pick, he was excited about it, and it’s something we can do together. When we workout together in the morning we have built-in accountability to get up early and get our day going. Here’s the biggest reason I’m excited (now) for this program: as Mason and I fight, kick, and punch our way up the hill and out of debt, into a business re-launch, and moving in the direction of the dreams and passions God has put on our hearts.

IMG_0223So, I started a new fitness program with my husband this morning. I nearly talked myself out of doing it about 15 times over the weekend. I had every excuse and logical reason to say, “nope, not doing it.”
And then we did it. And it was NOT fun. I am feeling the soreness set in already (boo-I’m all out of my performance supplements which really help with muscle soreness). I felt clumsy and awkward and struggled to keep up with the new moves. I was distracted by having Mason working out next to me, and my kids waking up upstairs. However, we did it.
Here’s the KEY that I figured out to help me get through this workout.


*you can visualize results all day long, but you need to base this process in TRUTH. Base your visualization in God’s Word to back your actions with supernatural power. God’s Word and truth-based principles are the BEST things in which you can root your visualization!
base your visualization in God's word....jpg
Here are some things I visualized for myself today:
I visualized myself and my results from 2 months of doing Combat.
I visualized myself feeling strong and confident doing each punch, kick, upper cut, and jab.
I visualized myself as Mason and I declare we are debt-free!
I visualized myself and Mason working at what we love, on our own terms.
I visualized myself being free to spend time with friends, able to give of my time and money like I can’t right now.
Wow. All of that springing from a workout?! Yes, absolutely, and here are the results…
So, while I hated the workout this morning, I am demolishing my excuses and starting something new. I’m focusing on what WILL BE and stepping into the identity God has for me. He desires these things for us, and I’m going to take steps each day to pursue them.
1 peter 2-9.jpg
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