No One Can Prepare You

My Thoughts After Having A Sick Child

IMG_1879_editNo one can prepare you for when your child is sick. It’s not like it’s something we plan on. Though, now that I write that I think it should be part of parenting 101 classes or something. For example, what to do when your kid has a fever, basic childhood illness, etc.
Back to not being prepared…in the past few weeks I have had a couple moments that I wasn’t ready to face.
The first was having to hold my sweet girl down for a blood draw…4 times. I thought that was hard until we faced worse. That was cake.

Next was trying to comfort her as the nursing staff tried 8 times in a matter of a couple hours to put in an IV line so that Morgan could receive antibiotics. Another was trying to comfort my girl while she was unable to eat or drink for several hours at a time.
All of those were difficult moments, but I tend to struggle to process difficult moments in the moment. As these happenings occurred, my strength waned and it became harder to withhold my visceral “momma bear” instincts.
I like to think that I did well overall. However, the worst one in particular was having to walk away from my crying six-month-old baby girl for her to be sedated. I was so tired, hungry, and emotionally exhausted, that the weight of it all didn’t hit me until I was halfway through my breakfast when Mason looked over and asked in a way that only a tired, hungry, and emotionally exhausted husband can, “what are the tears for?”
Have you ever tried to swallow, cry, and not lash out at your husband at the same time? It takes talent. That’s for sure. 😉

I am realizing now, after the entire ordeal, that I am a changed person. My mothering will be different after walking through this situation. My eyes are opened to the difficult reality of parents whose children face chronic, incurable, unknown, or fatal sickness. “Hard” doesn’t begin to touch how it feels to watch your baby fight for their health. No one can prepare you for when your child is sick.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus..jpgphoto credit: Suzy Collins of Freedom Grace and Fitness (Facebook)

If you are a Mom, are pregnant, or are considering one day becoming a Mother, I hope you embrace your role with everything in you. You will be challenged daily, and if you submit to God’s work in the face of challenges, you will become the most holy and glorious version of you possible. Trust the process. ❤

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