How to Crush Cravings This Winter-Part 1

4 years in college enduring brutal winter with short days in Boston first tipped me off to my struggle with depression. For many it’s simply a seasonal depression or “low-grade sadness” as its defined by medical professionals. Regardless, we all tend to turn to comfort foods and get a little “fluffy” during the shorter days and long winter months.

Here are a few tips I have learned that help in not only combating the cravings, but also the overall feelings of depression and sadness.

Increase your SUN exposure!

Health Tip

“A lack of sunshine and vitamin D is linked to depression and fatigue.” -nutritionist Sophie Anson. It sounds like such a simple fix, and it’s certainly not a cure-all, but if a bit of sunshine can make a difference, why not try, huh?

Now, obviously it’s harder to get out and soak up the sun’s Vitamin D when the ground is covered in ice and snow. However, you can take Vitamin D drops and supplements, or do what I did last week and soak it up while sitting in the car. 😉

If you would like to see more recipes, health tips and spiritual encouragement, join me here!


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