#Keepingitreal tonight. It’s about 2 years that I have been on this journey of really keeping my physical health a priority, but in the last few months I have gone through some of the deepest struggles that I have ever faced. It’s been so much more devastating to my spirit than what I had walked through a few years ago, and I saw the effects in my health, on the scale, but even more so in my soul and the depths of who I am. I am finding myself a changed person now. PRAISE GOD!

In the last 2 months, we as a family hit a new rock bottom: running on empty already, and with our bank account already lean, our 2nd daughter #babyChallenger became sick. She was so sick and requiring so much of my attention that I had to take a break from leading my monthly accountability groups. What seemed to be teething at the start turned into so many drs visits, not knowing what’s wrong, ending up in the ER and PICU, and being unexpectedly separated as a family for a solid week. Our stress levels were insane!


If I could have cried and screamed, I think I would have, but it was like my voice and emotions were frozen from utter exhaustion. I desperately wanted to feel better, and I knew something was wrong when I would raid the pantry cupboards and eat to satisfy my emotions. The thought of doing a workout, which I could usually convince myself would be a good idea, (because within 20-30 minutes I would feel better-THANK YOU ENDORPHINS!), became a chore and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch or crawl back in bed. I knew something was wrong when I didn’t even want to break a sweat, because that has been my consistent me-time and stress-release for the past two years, even through pregnancy!

12662417_1676383415973756_1553436217053323604_n.jpgSomething had to change, and I started looking for a break in the clouds so-to-speak so that I could start fresh. It was about that time that Mason turned to me and said, “We need to do the 3-Day Refresh. We need to just start over and do it together.” You could have knocked me over in that moment! I didn’t hesitate though, and we started February treating it as our “New Year”.

It was exactly what I needed to help me move forward in continuing to work through my post partum depression/anxiety struggle, and to shake the nightmare I felt like I was stuck in. I dove into my Scripture and spiritual support,  accountability, and eating right.

So here’s the GREAT NEWS!!! I am re-launching my monthly health Accountability Groups and I am breaking free from the trenches by changing from the inside out. Spiritual work first, then the physical tools and all will fall into place.

If you have found yourself struggling with emotional eating, postpartum depression, anxiety, weight loss, finding joy, or needing an outlet for stress and the very real anger you feel, I CAN HELP! I am learning how to have victory over these areas in my own life, and have real solutions that can help you too.

My next Health Accountability Group starts THIS WEEK-February 15th, and I want YOU to join me. This invitation is ONLY OPEN to those who are willing to take action immediately, because we aren’t waiting around to begin seeing changes in our lives.

3 Weeks - Beauty from the inside out.jpg

If you are ready to see change, complete this form and I’ll be in touch to help you get started!

If you would like to see more recipes, health tips and spiritual encouragement, join me here!


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