Fight For Us Challenge

Stale. Boring. Monotonous.

Marriage can become that way so easily, but that’s NOT how God designed relationships.

Mason and I had an amazing start to our marriage with nearly a year of in-depth premarital counseling and an incredibly supportive community. And then we started living life. 😉 No, really. We went through some devastating experiences in ministry, moved several times (overseas and back), and in the midst of that God has given us two beautiful daughters.

Here’s the reality though: we are exhausted and realized that we have really been in survival mode. It’s time to battle and #FightForUs so that we can see breakthrough in our relationship.

Fight For Us Challenge

We designed these goals for ourselves, but then thought, why not SHARE them with you so that you can benefit from this as well.

Take the “Fight for Us” Challenge!

Here’s what we are doing to “Fight for Us” during this #LOVEmonth.

  • Pray together everyday.
  • Have sex everyday. (WHAT?! yep, make it a goal. and don’t blame us for any end of the year babies) 😉
  • Do 1 #FightforUsChallenge “action” everyday. (We will post the actions along with some ideas/suggestions daily.)

We would love for you and your spouse to join us, because who couldn’t use a little extra push to “Love the One You’re With”. <–that was my idea for what to name this challenge haha! I obviously didn’t win. 🙂

If you are joining in, be sure to use #FightForUsChallenge so that we can see how February is going for you too! We are expecting God to do powerful things as we take these small daily steps to love each other well.

Make sure you are “following” us on Facebook so that you catch all the posts…the first action is coming in a bit!


What do you think?

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