Stuff Maddy Does: Valumtimes Edition

IMG_1659Maddy was watching some video clips on my Kindle and watched a video of herself opening a Valentine’s card from Grandpa & Grams. She got excited after it was finished and said, “Momma, it’s gonna be valumtimes day soon!”

Me: “You’re right! It’s about 2 weeks away!”

Maddy: “You’we wight!”

Me: “Ooh, we should make Daddy a Valentine’s Day Card! Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Maddy: “We should make one wif Wapunzel on it, cause dat’s his favwite pwincess.”

Me: “Do you have a picture of Rapunzel we could use?”

Maddy: “Not a paper, but I have one on my underwear!”

What do you think?

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