NEW Goal: Drink more LIVING Water!

The past two months have been such a struggle for me to consistently drink enough water. I remember telling everyone in my December Accountability Group to NOT follow my example. Haha! This was an area I was doing well with for a while, and then I’m not sure what happened, but I have just hit a wall in keeping up with the necessary water intake.

This is a HUGE issue for me…

  • my digestive system suffers
  • I get headaches
  • Morgan is frustrated (because her milk doesn’t flow as quickly) ūüėČ
  • my energy wanes
  • I can’t think clearly

These are all “warning signs” for me to check my water intake. So here’s the crazy ¬†not-so crazy¬†thing. God has reminded me again about the correlation between my physical and spiritual health. See, I have felt all of those things above spiritually as well. Today I made a simple NEW GOAL for the day which was to get and stay hydrated.


I simply grabbed one of my big cups, filled it with water, and sat down¬†for my time to connect with the Lord. It wasn’t long before I thought about the reality that as I am filling my body with good clean water, I also need to fill my spirit with LIVING water constantly.¬†Time for another NEW Goal: Drink more LIVING water.

new goal drink LIVING water

Check back for some of my tips on how I am incorporating more “connection” time with God in my daily routine. I’m not perfect, but I’m determined to figure it out! You can also follow me on Facebook for more encouragement and to be the FIRST to know about my upcoming accountability group openings!


What do you think?

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