Stuff Maddy Does-Advent Edition

Talking about her Advent Calendar…

“Maddy, do you remember what the innkeeper did?”

“Yeah! He gabe dem a baby!”

Maddy asked me why she didn’t receive her discipline for doing something wrong. I briefly explained that I showed her mercy.

“What does muhsea mean?”

I explain-as we have been talking a lot about Christmas and Christ’s coming to give us eternal life, I reminded her of the example of Christ taking our place on the cross and how we don’t always receive what we deserve.

“Momma, God died??!!”
“Well, Jesus died for our sins-for the bad things we have all done.”
“Momma, you did bad things?”
“Yes, mommy has done bad things. Every single person has sinned.”
“God and Jeedsus awe da same doh.”
“Yes, but Jesus was God’s son.”
“Jeedsus came yike a baby, and den gwew up to be a boy and den he dinnit weaw shoes. But God weaws shoes.”


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