Stuff Maddy Does

“Did you get mawwied so dat you could have kids?”


“Eww! Guacamoye spitups!” (after Morgan ate some avocado)


Maddy-“Mommy, when I’m oyder, I can weaw youw dwesses.”

Me-“Yes, you could.”

Maddy-“An I can weaw youw tank-tops!”


Maddy-“An I wiw hab boobs an I can weaw a bwa!”

Me-“Yup. Mmhmm.”


After Maddy woke up from her nap…

me-“How was your nap?”

Maddy-“Oh, it was good! I had a berry good dweam!”

me-“Yeah? What was it?”

Maddy-“I got to go to DISNEY!”

One of these days we will take this girl to Disney, and I will record ALL THE EXCITEMENT!




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