What are the BEST deals for Black Friday?

*Note-this post does contain affiliate/referral links. Use them, or don’t. It’s up to you. 😉

Here are my BEST deals for Black Friday. And as you can tell, I prefer shopping from the comfort of home. Shopping days with little ones are just not super fun. 

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to EatPlan to Eat Subscriptions are 50% off! This means for under $20 you can get a plan for yourself, extend the plan you already have, or gift it to someone you love. These are GREAT for new wives, friends who are trying to learn meal planning or healthy eating, or ANYONE who hates grocery shopping. It will take the stress out and pay for itself 10x over throughout the year. 🙂

Zaycon Foods has marked ALL of their items at 5% off through December 5th! You can place your order for the BEST boneless skinless chicken breast I have found for MARCH, right now, at the cheapest prices around. There are also deals on beef, pork, fish, etc. Don’t miss out on this!


Cuppow-mason jar tops and accessories are not only 25% OFF, but FREE SHIPPING! They have the coolest “kid” cups, travel tops, etc. These are great stocking-stuffers.

cuppowblack friday 2015

You Need A Budget Software (YNAB) is 50% off now through Cyber Monday. If you need to learn to manage your money, are struggling to find a budgeting system that works for you, or just need an electronic way to manage your cash, THIS PROGRAM WORKS! We have saved more $$$ the last few years since we began using it, and it paid for itself 2x over the first month after we bought it, and I paid full price for it! Oh, and if you use my referral link here, you will get a few more $ off the price. It’s SO worth every penny.

I could probably list a hundred more things, but these are in my top and I think some of the best investments you could make this weekend. Happy shopping!


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