Are you making this mistake with your LOVE?

1 John 3_18I was struck by this thought the other day as I was exercising and mulling over the Scripture I had read. I was tired and tempted to cut my reps short, just watching the clock countdown. Then I realized what I was doing…er, NOT doing. I was making the mistake of thinking that just by being something was happening.

It’s the same for my “love”. Our love conveys nothing if there is no action attached.

My workout does nothing to produce good in my life if I don’t actually do it. My nutrition fails if I eat junk. However, when my actions and truths are aligned, amazing results are produced!

What an incredible parallel as I consider the way I interact with those I “say” that I love. Do my actions match my words and intentions?

How can you truly show someone that you love them today?


What do you think?

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