Got GREENS-It’s a working lunch kind of day, but I got my GREENS in my salad for lunch. I was curious what kind of benefits I was getting, so I did a little research…

You can’t beat the “pros” of leafy greens:
-helps blood clot with vit K (one cup of raw leafy greens provides 1-day’s supply!)
-helps lower cholesterol (particularly mustard greens and kale)
-helps fuel your body (B vit helps convert carbs to glucose which produces ENERGY for you to burn)
-boost bone health (bitter taste is actually evidence of a high level of calcium!)
-decreased risk of cancer

Go eat some kale, collards, REAL lettuce, even broccoli! NOTE: NOT iceberg lettuce-that’s straight water, guys. 😉

How many servings of greens do you typically fit into your day?


What do you think?

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