Husbands, lead!

Mason and I have been in the trenches lately. Between our threenager who thinks she rules the world and our 3 month-old who is really just trying to get used to life outside the womb, we are taking things slow-one day at a time!

Yesterday, Maddy was whining and being obstinate about not wanting to go into Panera together to enjoy a treat. (WHAT? She LOVES getting a treat!) I asked her if she wanted to stay in the car by herself, to which she replied, “Yes. I don wanna go inside.” Mason and I continued the conversation with him saying, “Well, I guess we will go in and enjoy ourselves without you. and then we’ll get arrested and you and Morgan will go to social services and be put into foster care and be split up and…” I interrupted him, “Well, that escalated quickly.” Haha. At least we can laugh about it together! 🙂

Back to what I was talking about…

My husband has stepped up to lead us in striving toward righteousness through this season, and he has been writing encouragement, sharing his own heart or what he is learning, and often  exhorting me on a daily basis to rise to the occasion. I cannot express just how loved, invested in, and cared for his daily efforts make me feel. I am challenged to be a happy mom, to love my kids well, and to keep a long-term view on life and raising our children.

husbands lead

His leadership in our marriage and our home is crucial for all of us. I have always heard that mothers set the tone in the home, and to an extent I agree that moms do play a strong role in setting the atmosphere, but I have also noticed that in our house, Mason’s presence and attitude is just as, if not more impacting as a family thermostat.
Husbands, lead your wives in truth and godliness! It just might keep her sane and both of you out of jail. 😉


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