Photo Credit: E.A. Creative Photography

Photo Credit: E.A. Creative Photography

If you follow me on Facebook at all, you may have seen some of my #StuffMaddydoes posts. I have so many that I cant post them all there, so I figured I would put a few here whenever I forget to post them right away. So, here are several for your reading pleasure. 🙂


Mason called to let me know he was on his way home from work, so I had a brief conversation with him and then hung up. Maddy was sitting on the couch in the living room, and as soon as I hung up, exclaimed, “Momma, you forgot to tewl him dat I cwied!”

Oh, the THREE-mones have arrived!

Maddy was sitting on the couch chewing something (also picking at her teeth), and I was trying to figure out what it could have been that she ate. I asked her what she was chewing and she said, “Uh doagcker.”

I attempted to confirm, “A cracker?” thinking she must have found a half-eaten cracker sitting under the couch or in the dining room. I stuck my hand in front of her face and told her, “Let me see, please!”

She tried to spit whatever it was into my hand, but nothing came out. She resumed digging in her teeth with her finger. I asked her again what it was and she articularly emphasized, “A BOOO-GER, Momma!”

Of course…you keep that. Nasty.

As we skyped with 이모 and Melmo, Maddy was sitting awkwardly on her feet. She wanted to move, but nearly fell over, saying, “My feets, day awwr fwozen!” I think that may have been her first experience with them falling asleep on her!

Conversation with Maddy:

Me: “I’m going to go exercise now.”

Maddy: “I’m coming too, Mommy!”

Me: “Are you going to exercise with me today?”

Maddy: “Yes!”

Me: “I love having an exercise buddy! I need my mat and my weights to exercise. What do you need?”

Maddy: “I need a snack! Can I have a banana?”

She has her priorities straight, of course!


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