Our Little Girl’s Arrival-Part 3

*fair warning-I share a few birth details in here that you may not want to read-this is a birth story after all.* šŸ˜‰

The next part is a bit of a blur.

Was it ten minutes? thirty?

I’m really not sure…

but I do remember trying to go to the living room to help call the hospital, insurance company, etc (these calls had to be made before we left the house) while we waited for Mason to get home. However, I could not get comfortable in any way, and was completely unable to focus, so I ended up back in my bedroom pretty quickly.

Somewhere in hereĀ Mason had arrived home, checked on me, and then took over trying to get through to the insurance and hospital-it all worked out one way or another, and he spoke with someone at the International Clinic to tell them we were on our way pronto!

After laying back down,Ā I had felt like I needed to use the restroom, but also felt some small trickle of discharge. Sure enough, there was the mucus plug/bloody show, and instead of just having waves of contractions, I instantly felt my body taking over to push at the end of each contraction. I also felt instantly HOT. My mom came to check on me, and I remember telling her, “I feel like I need to push.?..” followed by turning my head away from her at the door, and gagging because I felt like I might lose my lunch (it had been tuna that day, and I definitely didn’t want to taste that again, so thankfully I held it in). šŸ™‚

FromĀ the look in my mom’s eye (she probably said something too), and the flashback to the different stages of birth (it felt like I went from nothing to “transition” in a split second) I knew it was time to move. I had the sense to put one of my extra large pads in my underwear, and requested that one of the hand towels I had in my “go” bag be wet down for me. Oh, I was SO thankful for that towel in the next hour or so. I also had a moment of clarity to remind someone, anyone, to make sure we had a couple old towels in the van…you know…in case something happened…

There were some quick decisions made at this point:

-stick with the plan to go all the way to Seoul to our hospital? Yes.

-pick up Sarah (our friend and doula)? If she is available. She is? Then, yes!

-crank up the AC so that everyone else is FRIGID but the lady in labor is halfway comfortable? YES!

The last thing I remember at home was trying to get in the van, NOT being able to sit at all, and then getting on my knees on the floor. That and the looks on Meredith and Lauren’s faces as I was clearly well on my way to delivering Madeleine-it would just be a matter of time, and none of us were truly sure if we would make it to the hospital!

For Part 1, go here.

Part 2 continues here.


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