Our Little Girl’s Arrival-Part 2

I look back, and I’m so thankful for the smallest of needs realized…like a loaf of bread that led to perfect timing.


I remember sleeping through the night pretty well, and by this point you have to know that I was used to the contractions. I had been having these tightening sensations for months now, so to have them in my sleep wasn’t a big deal. Plus, the lower back discomfort had pretty much dissipated when I laid down to rest.

The morning of May 23rd I can’t really remember well. It’s kind of a fog. I think because it was like so many other mornings I had experienced for the month or so prior that I was “on bed-rest”, so there was not much unique to distinguish it. Mason left for work early, Mom came to check in on me, and at some point late morning or early mid-day I took a shower. I wish I could remember exactly when the shower was, because I do remember some more significant back pain then-definitely “back labor” now that I reflect on it!

I ate some lunch and rested on the couch for a bit, reading, watching a show, and trying not to overthink the contractions that were coming just a tad more frequently than before. Mason planned to stay after school that day to play softball with some of the staff and students, and we figured no rush so why not? There was still no pattern to the contractions, so when Mom and I chatted early in the afternoon we figured today was the day, but also decided it would be good to head to the hospital that evening after rush hour, say 7pm so that we could eat dinner at home and not be too rushed to get there for their official “check-in” by 4pm. <–no way we were going to make that because it was already a little late to start that trek. Mom left and was going to grab a couple ingredients from the store for dinner.

It couldn’t have been twenty minutes later that I had gotten up to use the restroom and saw a text message from my friend Lauren asking if we needed anything from the store. I told her that my Mom was going, and that we were planning to head to the hospital that evening, so I didn’t think we would. I sent the message, and then remembered we were nearly out of bread, so I asked Lo to grab a loaf for us. Thank God I did! I look back, and I’m so thankful for the smallest of needs realized…like a loaf of bread that led to perfect timing.

It wasn’t moments later that it felt like someone flipped a switch and I suddenly had to focus to stay calm through contractions, was struggling to find a comfortable position, and had to breathe through contractions. Lauren came into our apartment within a few minutes with that loaf of bread and quickly helped decide (because I honestly think my brain was already disengaged from any decision-making) that she needed to find my Mom so that we could head to the hospital earlier than planned…only Mason wasn’t home yet!

If you want to read the first part of this story, head here.


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