Our Little Girl’s Arrival-Part 1

I will start with just before Madeleine was born. Diagnosed with pre-term labor, I was sentenced to bed rest for several weeks (a few weeks earlier than I had planned to begin my maternity leave). Not only did this leave my co-workers in the lurch, but it left me laying at home, unable to finish the baby prep that needed to take place. I couldn’t cook or clean, but thankfully our community stepped in to care for us with meals and even rides to the hospital for check-ups! Thankfully my dear friend, co-worker, and neighbor Lauren came to help be my arms and legs, sorting through and setting up baby things so that we had what we needed prepared for Maddy’s arrival.

During this season, Mason and I were unsure of exactly when we would be leaving Korea due to the unknown of Maddy’s arrival. There were so many factors at play that we thought it best to wait to spend the $$$$ on our plane tickets. Also in this category of travel was the unknown of what we would be “doing” or where we would be going after she was born. Both of our job contracts were coming to an end, but we again were feeling blind.

I think it was Monday, May 14th that we “thought” I was in labor and had been advised to head to the hospital (contractions were coming closer together, every 5 min). Due to the complications we had experienced, we had decided to stick with a birth plan that included delivery at Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea since they had superior care should something happen to Maddy or myself, along with the language help the International Clinic provided us (Mason had very little skill in Korean language comprehension so we wanted him to know what was going on). After about 24 hours in the hospital, we headed home to wait some more and my doctor headed to a conference for the next week.

Not too much happened in between other than my Mom arriving from the USA and the regular contractions continuing, but with no other progress.


The evening of May 22nd I had some discomfort in my lower back and continued to have contractions (which were nothing new at this point…I had felt contractions for over a month). I wondered if our Little Girl would make her appearance on her due date (I was also a due-date baby). My mom, Lauren and I went for a walk that evening after dinner, and Lauren took a few pictures so that I could look back and see what I looked like full-term (picture above). I’m also pretty sure that dress was about the only clothing option I had that was comfortable and fit!

I went to bed that night taking the advice I had learned in our birthing classes, to rest as much as possible and not become overly anxious or excited for every little contraction. Time to wait…


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