Product Review: Beardsmen Spirit Beard Oil & Mustache Wax

2015-04-30 00.46.21We were pretty excited around here to have a chance to test out some cool “beard care” products when I found out that Beardsmen Spirit was launching a new line. Since my husband has kept a beard for most of our relationship, it’s part of our normal routine and toiletry shopping, but it can be hard to find grooming products that aren’t overly smelly or have a weird texture. We both prefer him to keep a beard and facial hair, but I am adamant that it has to be tamed and maintained well, which requires investing in some tools and products to help get the job done right.

I know that many of you have that preference as well, so here is our take on these products and how well they worked for us!

Beardsmen Spirit Beard Oil

Mason used the Beardsmen Spirit Beard Oil daily for ten consecutive days and was overall positive. He liked that it softened his beard, making it much less coarse than before. It also seemed to give it a shine, and made it easier to control the scraggly or wayward hairs when he combed and groomed it daily. Another positive was that it took away some of the itch from under the beard. As far as the smell, he said it wasn’t too overpowering, and was manly enough without smelling like automatic transmission fluid. I never even noticed a smell the entire time he was using these products!

The only element that he said wasn’t quite as positive was that he had to use a nickel-sized drop rather than the suggested dime-sized drop. However, he also really wanted his beard to shine and had a lot of hair to cover, so it wasn’t truly anything negative or something to complain about.

Beardsmen Spirit Mustache Wax

My husband has a pretty understated mustache, but while the full beard comes and goes, the mustache is always with us. 🙂 He used the Beardsmen Spirit Mustache Wax daily for ten consecutive days as well. Here was his take on his experience using the mustache wax:

“It was simple to use, with simple instructions, but it took a while (longer than I expected) to break down the wax between my fingers before applying. But, I’ve never used mustache wax before…

However, it was worth the wait. I was able to get some of the hair connecting my mustache and beard to lay properly.”

His experience (and mine) was the same as the beard oil in that it was manly but understated. The good thing was, especially since the products are directly under your nose, you could smell them, but they were not overpowering and they didn’t linger throughout the day. So, no worrying about having the fragrances clash between cologne and these products!

As far as the texture for this one, it didn’t change the feel of his facial hair as significantly as the beard oil, but it did make it more manageable and controlled. It also didn’t cause the hairs to clump together!

2015-04-30 00.47.43


We would recommend both products, but the Beardsmen Spirit Mustache Wax particularly to those friends with a prominent mustache. The Beardsmen Spirit Beard Oil on the other hand, Mason recommends “to anyone man enough to actually maintain or care for their beard.”




Disclaimer: I received these products free in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255<> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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