25 Weeks Pregnant and How I am Increasing my Exercise?

KINDLE_CAMERA_142286560600025 weeks! What?? This is going by really quickly, guys. I’m not anywhere near ready for this little girl to make her appearance.

However, I can confidently say that I feel better last week and this week after making a few tweaks to my exercise and eating plan.

What did I change?

Well, I had been a little freaked out before about doing exercises that weren’t “pregnancy safe”, and had slacked back in a sense from what my body was used to. That was NOT a good decision for my body (you may be different, and that’s OKAY!) I was noticing this particularly with core/ab exercises, which are so difficult to do when you’re sporting a bump and your abs are literally splitting apart from a tiny human making themselves comfy. All of a sudden my lower back was killing me! Well, hello…your lower back is part of your entire core that holds everything together-go look at a diagram of your muscles. It’s pretty awesome the way it works!

When I did a little more research, and found that I could in fact do more than what I was doing, and just began listening to my body and the cues it was giving me, I stepped it back up. I mixed up some workouts (I’m combining some #21DayFix exercise routines with #PiYo), suddenly my lower back stopped aching and my hip/sciatic that flares up from time to time is back to it’s mostly happy self.

All that to encourage my other preggo momma friends, take your dr’s advice, and you also have to listen to what your body is telling you.
When it says REST (and it will), do what you need to give your body some rest.
When it says, BE ACTIVE (and it will), give it some blood pumping, sweat-inducing movement!

As far as my eating plan, I’m only eating maybe a couple hundred calories more than what I would normally eat to maintain my goal weight range. I have in fact, added a good bit of weight to the number on the scale, but I’m going much less by numbers these days and much more by how I feel and my energy level. I’m still using the 21 Day Fix/Portion Fix guidelines, and when I add in those extra calories I start with additional veggies, then protein, and fruits (really have to discipline myself here-I could eat a TON of fruit)! I also don’t necessarily “count” my additional healthy fat teaspoons, but toss it in on a salad for dressing or in my Shakeology.

If you are curious about what I do as a Health Coach, check out our Square One Coaching site.

If you are looking for a program that you can customize for whatever season of life you my be in, contact me! I can help you find something that works for you and that suits your goals.


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