Steps of Faith to Square One

God has been stirring something in Mason and I for a few years now, and we are finally nearing a point of launching it. I’m still feeling a little chicken about putting ourselves out there, but I’m going to embrace fear and do it anyway. So, if you will, check out our new website: Square One Coaching. I’d love to have your feedback, or just test the links for us and let me know what might have a kink or two. 😉

As I was having some quiet time reflecting and praying last week, I read Acts 2 (the “launch” in a sense of the first church). God used this passage to remind me that He placed this dream of Square One in our hearts, and that He is ultimately going to go before us, bless us, provide for us, etc. Our actions really don’t have much to do with it other than just being faithful and working as unto Him!

When God desires for a movement to happen,

  • He will do the supernatural.
  • All I have to do is show up.
  • Nothing can stop God’s plans.

When God MOVES...It’s time to step out in faith, and trust His plan.

It’s time to just show up. Just take that step, and see what He does.

It’s time to watch Him work, and see His plans unfold.


What do you think?

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