Open Hands

This morning I could feel the tension as I approached my Bible and journal.

It gripped my heart as I felt the Lord whispering, “relax”.

As I wrote, read, and reflected, I realized that I have had a death grip on life…once again.

This is a constant struggle for me!

I have been living with a scarcity mindset, which is easy to fall into when the budget is beyond tight, life is a constant time crunch, and of course I’m 5 months pregnant.

This mindset has been girded with fear of the unknown.

As God is prompting Mason and I to step out in faith, I am confident we are headed in the right direction.

Yet, I have been grasping at the straws of life that I *think* I can control or keep hold of.

However, this morning as the Holy Spirit whispered to me, I listened.

I relaxed.

I pictured myself with open hands, ready to receive whatever vision God has for me in the next month, weeks, and year.

I desire to live a full and blessed life that only God could design, but that requires me holding loosely to what life looks like right now!

hold lightly corrie ten boom quoteHow do you remind yourself to hold loosely to things in life?


What do you think?

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