Mason surprised me with a book not even on my “wishlist” for Christmas, and I have been diving into it between my review titles. Here’s a snippet from “Chasing God” by Angie Smith.

“We try to fill in the gray instead of living in the black and white. We shape theology to suit our taste, our times, our situations, and our desires. It’s the mess we’ve made by desiring to understand Him more than we want to know Him, and we’re growing more exhausted than inspired every day.”


Yeah, that was on page 2. Let’s just say I have huge chunks marked up already, and I adore the honesty with which Angie delivers her experience and message. She is speaking to my heart and challenging me to stare at my Savior in an effort to know Him, and not try to fit Him within my limited pocket of understanding. Because that gets me nowhere every time!


What do you think?

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