Gaining Confidence

I know that I haven’t written about Maddy in a while, but this event required a mini-update.


This is a look of accomplishment and confidence!

Maddy is learning to do more and more independently. Last week I told her to pick out her pjs and bring them to me so that I could help her change for bed. When she brought them in, she sat down to change her pants saying, “I do it by myself, Mama!” I gave her minimal assistance getting her dirty shirt off, but she managed the rest on her own. It’s pretty amazing to watch her develop skills and learn to solve problems creatively (her shirt got a little twisted, and she calmly worked through it). This moment was a great reminder of my calling as her mother-to raise her as an independent thinking God-follower. She won’t be with us forever, nor will she be dependent on us. God has big things for her. Some days in this full-time training phase are really difficult, but I find great joy in these moments of progress!


What do you think?

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